Any alternate for implementing Point3D.SetUserString()?

Hey Guys, I have a list of points for Windows and I want to assign specific window type information to each one of them. But when I try to access myPoint.SetUserString() function, it does not exist. Is there any alternative way to achieve the same?

Nope, Point3d is a struct with minimal functionality. It does not have support for user data.

In grasshopper 1.0, you will either have to carry the additional data in a seperate set of wires+components, or create your own data type which has both point and metadata support.

I thought so too, but was hoping if there is another way.
Thanks for the clarification @DavidRutten.

The classic (for anything not just points) way is this:

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Thanks @PeterFotiadis. This is very helpful.

THIS is helpful (in a way):

Fix/Change some stuff and cluster the pts according their prox distance and/or their info and/or … you name it (practice P/LINQ as well). (123.3 KB)