Any 2.5 axis RhinoCam users? Processing large quantity of parts

Hi all,

I’m looking to purchase RhinoCam for kitchen cabinet and door production plus nesting.

Looking at the demo there’s plenty of cool features for one off or few parts but what I’m keen to hear is from people re their workflow processing a large quantity of parts (100-200 for a typical kitchen).

We don’t want to inspect and apply tooling manually to these parts, I’ll need to use geometry in layers or similar to automate the creation of machining. This just isn’t evident from what I’ve seen in the demo, they tell me out can be done, but hoping to hear from people who have this type of workflow already.

I’m not committed to purchase as yet, but to date feel this looks the best option as long as it will do what we need it to.

Thanks Adrian

Hi Adrian,

RhinoCam has automation tools that may be useful to you.

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