Antialiasing in ShapeDiver Viewer


I have weird problem with displaying of embedded viewer on my webpage. You can see it down on the picture:

On the left side you can see my model in Viewer on ShapeDiver website and on the right side is my model on my website. It seems like there is some kind of antialiasing applied on the left side which is what I would like to have as well.

Has anybody encountered similiar problem? Is there anyway how to use antialiasing? I could not find anything about this topic.

I do use viewer 3 version 2.9.8. and all the black lines are not really lines but pipes. I also control camera via Viewer API in javascript but it does not seem to have any effect on this issue.

Thanks a lot.

You seem to be using the same viewer version as on the platform. In theory, the same rendering settings will be used when you embed the model, unless you set them yourself via the API. Could you provide a link where the aliasing is apparent so we can reproduce it and compare with the model on the platform? It might be an issue linked to a modified viewer ratio and simply the size of the viewer. Our viewer developer is out of office this week but in case we can reproduce the issue and investigate it, he would get back to you next week as soon as he is back.