Another point length distribution on curve question

I know about “divide curve”, “divide distance” and “divide length”, but I don’t feel any of them fit in my case.

I’ve calculated starting points on a set of curves:


I’ve shattered the horizontal curves, but both of the above mentioned nodes seem to ignore this and just plot equally across both curves, seemingly always starting from the far right in the picture (even though I’ve checked that I have 8 curves before the shatter, and 16 after).

How can I plot points with an equal length from the starting points and up to (and including) the other ends? I believe I need length, and not count, in order to retain the diagonal pattern.

Sounds like your shatter isn’t doing quite what you expect. What data do you use for the shatter parameters? The points themselves? The number 0.5? You can bake your shattered curves to Rhino to more easily see into what fragments they have been broken. That might be a clue.

Yes, thank you for reminding me about baking! The shatter was indeed incorrect, and I had to use the “Parameter B” output instead of the points output that I originally used.

However… I’m still lost at the distribution of points, so I’m going to settle with the “divide length” and just accept that it doesn’t perfectly line up with the curve ends.

So, I’m not sure if the next question should be a new thread, or if I just ask here:

How the heck do I flip only the right curves (yellow highlight on the baked copy), since the output from shatter is a single list of all curves, because the “divide length” needs to start from the middle?