Another example of sloppy implementation: the Displacement plugin



I ran into this again: there is no Undo for changes in curvepiping settings!
Probably it applies to all functionality in the displacement plugin.(no time to test)

I change the pipe radius but cannot undo that.

Please take this type of dis-functioning serious and make sure it is fixed (in V6).
Likewise before releasing new functionality like this, make sure basics like the ability to Undo are implemented.
If it is due to SDK breakage I understand, but I’m not sure there is another good excuse why the Undo for the displacement plugin was never implemented.

It’s these type of irregularities and bugs that make the whole of Rhino feel unstable. I know resources are limited, but it’s better not to release than to have too much of these half finished projects added.
I can only imagine what it feels like for someone new to Rhino who runs into this type of issues, but I’m sure it will not add to a positive experience and provide confidence in the software as a whole.

EDIT: I found I have reported this already:



This issue is already fixed in the v6 branch. I just made sure again.

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Hi Brian,
Thanks for the reply.

I can wait about another week for it to work as expected :wink:


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