Another Crash

It happens when the interface becomes sluggish after some hours of work.
Symptoms are:
Multiple select, with shift pressed, becomes slow. Sometimes I have to release the shift key to get the “yellow” object select, otherwise the object isn’t selected also if the shift key is pressed.
Typing texts becomes super slow also when typing the name of file to save on disk.
It seems there is an issue with keyboard inputs.

Then selecting the polyline panel, Rhino crashes.

All my software: 3ds Max, Spaceclaim, Rhino 5 and 7, Adobe suite, Affinity suite, Twinmotion, DaVinci Resolve, work smooth without any keyboard issue.

RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (4.6 KB)

Hi @gabrielefx,

I’ve logged the issue so a developer can have a look.

When you get a chance, can you run the SystemInfo and post the output here?


– Dale

Similiar thing happens to me: I was participatimg to the discussion in a topic about it some days ago. Here it is…

Lag when selecting multiple objects Rhino 8 WIP

After some work (in my case it is sufficient half an hour) Rhino becomes really slow in responding to multiple selections and zooming/panning views, even in wireframe.

It happens on three totally different machines in my studio, all of them Windows 10 or 11, all of them with updated video drivers: it was suggested to me to update to see if the problem was persisting with new drivers and yes, it does persists.

Hope it can be solved as it makes Rhino 8 really unusable.

:: Gian