Anomaly in WIP

I just noticed an anomaly in one of my models . Peg holder 3dm.3dm (210.2 KB)
Is this because it is a WIP ?
You will notice one of the chamfered holes has an odd displacement .

Hi Christopher - there’s a little aspirin or something floating there - is that what you mean? It’s a real object - just select and delete…


Hi Pascal,

Yes , it does look like a little aspirin. But I tried to delete it and it left a slightly different
countersunk hole than the other two. Because the countersinks on the other two dont
quite go down to the bottom of the hole . This little aspirin thing also forms the bottom
of the hole and I wanted to keep it. I tried manipulating it but I couldn’t get it back in

But having said all that … it is not a big problem . I am just practicing with Rhino and getting
familiar with what it can do.

One otters thing that troubles me more is that I have a number of aliases that keep
on asking me to agree to the terms so I can go and install them . But I’ve been through
it all so many times. What I do is just disagree … but it asks me about 6 times and that
little revolving ball freezes up the computer till I go through the whole lot.

Christopher Smith

Hi Christopher - try this:

Select one of the other little cylinders and start Copy. Put on the Cen osnap and snap to the Cen(ter) of the upper end of the cylinder that you’re copying as the point to move from, and the Cen of the lonely chamfer’s lower edge as the point to move to.


Hi Pascal,
I tried your suggestion but I ended up in trouble. Eventually I managed to recreate
the little cylinder and place where it should have stayed in the first place.


Hi Christopher - can’t have that - see if this little clip helps at all- Snagit/Screen cast is not working well at all these days so I don’t know how useful this is, but I can’t seem to get the thing not to drop half the frames.


Hi Pascal,
It worked … Took me a few goes . Thanks a lot.
Christopher .