Annual Pedestrian Wind Comfort

Hello Eddy3D team!

I have yet another question. This time on Annual Pedestrian Wind Comfort. I am not quite sure if the results what I got are correct. It might be that I messed up the script somewhere.

This is result from Annual Wind Speed. The calculation has been made with terrain.
The domain is Blue = 1m/s, Red 5m/s

And this is result from Annual Pedestrian Wind Comfort. This is based on NEN8100 methond.
Blue = 1, Red = 5

It seems like there are a lot of red on Pedestrian wind comfort diagram. Even in areas where Annual Wind Speed is only 3m/s. Could you please tell based on your experience if this result is correct.

Could it be because of the tall building, which creates downdraft effect?

Thank you a lot! You have been amazingly helpful so far!

Best regards,