Annoying R5 bug at R6 - mesh options reset


here one of my most annoying bugs of the last years and I hope it’s reproduceable now. The problem is that often my mesh options are reset and my complex models are remeshed based on the wrong setup. It cost me a lot of time to get the setup back, since the meshing is quite slow.

I don’t know it’s important - I use a button script to go to the options: _DocumentPropertiesPage _Render

Here the steps:

  • open the attached file
    ( _DocumentPropertiesPage _Render -> only for info go to the mesh options, look at the settings (8/0/1/0/1/4) and cancel to leave the options)

  • _DocumentPropertiesPage _Render

  • set backdrop from 360° to solid color and set black

  • close options

  • _DocumentPropertiesPage _Render and go to mesh options

  • mesh options are reset

The bug appears only if this way is gone. Don’t open the mesh options first and change the backdrop in a second step. This doesn’t show the bug.

I would be very glad if the bug could be catched.

Good luck,
Micha (126.0 KB)

Hi @Micha

I am able to repeat in 6.3 I’ve created a ticket for it. Thanks.

Great, thank you. I hope it can be fixed for the next SR. It’s very important for complex models and fine tuned mesh settings.