Annoyances working with solid hatched curves

edit: this is tagged Mac but it also applies to Win.

i’m working on some 2d drawings and using solid hatching and have some issues that are frustrating me.

example: select a group of curves that are hatched. it highlights the curves and hatch and it makes it hard to pick osnap points because it’s all highlighted the same color. dynamic highlighting does help a little but it’s still kind of a guessing game

example: i have drawn components, solid hatched and have been using the Display Order commands. i have yet to find a consistent way to get them to layer on top of one another consistently. does Display Order take the display order within a group into account? any workflow suggestions?


Hi Ryan - bright, solid yellow selection does not work well in a number of contexts, solid hatches being one of the glaring ‘fails’ , IMHO . It is on the list to come up with some better or alternative ways to indicate a selection, but I don’t think anyone is looking at that yet…

Draw order should work pretty logically, I think, but it can get confusing if you have a lot of items. ClearDrawOrder is useful if you want to start over on one or more objects. If you have examples that look just plain wrong, please post them…


thanks Pascal. hmm, not seeing a difference changing the selection color. glad to hear it’s on the pile.

after doing this draw order dance for hours, i might have found a way to get some consistency, i don’t want to get too excited because i thought i found consistency in that other post but there really wasn’t.

if i select the curves and the hatch, bring to front, group, bring to front, deselect the hatch, bring the curves to front. this seems to give me expected results in the end.

It might be of some help to place the History enabled Hatch on it’s own layer. Then you can Lock it so you can’t select it, or even turn it off to get it out of the way. Then you can still edit the bounding curve and history updating will keep the hatch caught up.

i have them on a sublayer of the curves.

needing history isn’t really necessary, i’m using solid white hatches with black curves. the hatching is just for masking out background curves. and the boundary curves are all rectangle. it’s a 2D drawing off a server rack.

Those selected solid hatches in bright yellow are indeed not nice to work with. Can’t see what’s underneath.
Maybe there could be a transparency value option for them. In R7 there will be transparency for all sorts of things, so the foundations seem to be laid now.


Hi Eugen -

This issue is on the list as RH-31739.

The idea at the moment is to find a solution that would work the same way for solid hatches as for transparent hatches.

Ok, thank you!

“Draw bounding box corners in highlight color is one idea, or draw a highlight color silhouette curve.”
I’d prefer the latter. Bounding box corners have a somewhat cluttery appearance. I always turned them off in 3ds max.