Annoyance - Text height property textbox loses focus too easily


If I select a text item, navigate to the text properties, click in the height textbox then hover back over the main screen, focus is lost from the height textbox. This has caught me out for a long time, often resulting in deleted text (from backspacing with text selected) or running “2.5” command.

Infact, playing with it some more now it will un-focus merely by hovering over the layer pane, which is right next to my properties pane. It also doesn’t regain focus without clicking back into the textbox.

Can it be fixed from rhino’s end?

(Brian James) #2

Hi Ncik,

The focus switch to the viewport from the text height properties field isn’t happening here. Can you tell me your OS, Rhino version and what mouse you are using? Have you tried it on any other machine as a test to see if it’s system specific?

Win7 x64
Rhino 5 SR4 x64

I tried it with a Logitech MX mouse and a Wacom tablet and the text height field maintains focus even after a value change with the cursor over the viewport.


G’day @BrianJ,

Below is a link to a video capture of what is happening.

Video capture link

Win 7 64bit
Rhino Version 5 SR4 (5.4.30510.16565, 10/05/2013)

This doesn’t happen with the text dialog box, only the text properties pane.

All mice. Old Logitech blew up so just got a new MS corded basic mouse. It is very light so the cord shifts it when my hand isn’t on it, hence why this text height field thing is annoying me more now, but noticed it with the old mouse too.

Same happens on a colleagues machine.


(Pascal Golay) #4

Rhino’s layer panel always gets focus when the mouse is over it… if a command is not running. You do not need to click in there to make this happen- I cannot remember off hand what the exact problem was that this helps… maybe @dale will know. But I guess that is what is making Ncik crazy.


ah, Pascal is right, looks like it is the layer pane, not the viewport that is taking the focus. I’ll just switch them around for now. thanks for the help everyone.

(Brian James) #6

Yes, and your video clip helped a lot here. Thanks for that.