Annotation Style Prints in Display Colour Irrespective of Print Colour Setting

I have set up an annotation style (derived from “Template Millimeter Large”) that won’t print in the colour it is set to print to (diamond colour icons) in the layer manager. It will only print in its display colour (square colour icons). Other annotation style is printing as expected. The dimension objects are all set to display by layer (square) and print by layer (diamond).
Am I missing something or is this a bug cropping up? I can’t find any top-heirarchy setting for annnotation style colour.

Hello - can you post a file with one or two of these that do not behave and a couple that do?



It may not be an annotation style issue. I may be that dimensions in Model Space aren’t responding to Layer Print Settings, while those in Layout Space are, thought the Layer settings and Display Mode are the same in each Space.
AnoStyleColourIssues.3dm (19.5 MB)
This is a VirtualArq project Top-View Model View WIndow, so it could be related to that Projection Type.