Annotation Style Issues with Scale and Updating

A few big bug that I have tried to workaround for years, but now trying to do more complex projects its not working. I want to have 10+ annotation styles that can be used for various applications and scales. The main issue is when I make global updates to the annotation styles, the linked text dont seem to update

  1. sometimes when editing a block in layout the entire drawing will disappear (delete) or crash the program
  2. sometimes when I edit text fields the text won’t update at all
  3. changing annotation styles doesn’t change the size or font of the linked texts
  4. is there a way to select all objects by a certain text style?

I’ve noticed lately that editing text is not updating, it just stays as original text 🤷


I just replied to another post of yours on this one. We’ll need to reproduce this here and any file and steps you can share would be great. I must be missing something here as I can’t get this to happen yet.

How are you editing the text? Double click or Properties panel? Is the text in a block? Can you post a file and steps to see this?

Is the File > Settings window open still after the change of font or size in the Annotation style? Does it update for you if you close that window?

Try the command SelAnnotationStyle