Annotation Style Dialog box gets ridiculously wide

Hello -
I’m on a 2021 16" M1 Macbook Pro, running the latest V7 and sometimes (I can’t yet make a correlation) The Annotation Style dialog box gets ridiculously wide - like thousands of pixels wide; wider than my 2560 x 1440 monitor. If I switch back to ‘Grid’ or ‘Scale’ it goes back to a sane size (although having a dialog box that keeps resizing is in itself annoying).

I’ve seen this happen in V6 (and maybe even V5) back on an Intel Mac. I’m on a different machine, with a different architecture, running a different version (at a different company!). The only common ground would be my monitor setup: A 2,560 x 1,440 monitor that sits above my laptop screen.

Any way to make this stop?

A little more insight:
It seems to be file-specific. I’ve got this file open, as well as a new file. The dialog box looks normal in the new file. Another dimension related issue that persists with this file and not a new one: SetDimensionLayer does not work; ie the command works, but new dimensions aren’t moved to the layer named in the command.

Hi Paul -

Would you be able to post or upload that file? If you upload, please copy the URL of this thread into the comments field.

Just uploaded it, thanks!

Hi @Paul_Carbone ,

Thanks for the file and report of what you’re seeing. I can reproduce this here and have filed a bug as RH-67405 for the developers. It is indeed an issue with this specific file but I was unable to discover a workaround for you. We’ll need to see what the devs say next and if there is a fix in a service release or I discover a workaround in the file I’ll let you know.

Thanks Brian! Did you notice by chance if SetDimensionLayer worked in that file for you?

It does seem to work yes, the layer name I specify is created and new dimensions are stored there despite the active layer.

@BrianJ I’ve had issues with SetDimensionLayer not sticking after you close and reopen a file, both on Windows & Mac, can you have a check to see if you can reproduce this ? cheers

Hi Miles -

Can you provide some more details? Mac and Windows are a bit different here in that you can close all files but not exit Rhino on Mac but not so on Windows. So far, this command is just a command and not a document setting or so, so reopening a file will not necessarily throw dimensions on that layer.

Hi @wim , ah ok that makes sense if its not a document setting. Saying that, it should be a document or template setting, I have a few custom templates, I have a preset layer for annotations, I would always want my dimensions on that specific layer, this would be much better than each time I oppen a project I have to again SetDimLayer :man_shrugging:
Custom Template

Hi Miles -

Yes, this is on the list as RH-63122.

For the time being, you can add the command to your start-up commands.

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good to see it being addressed :+1:. In the YT page it says for V8, any chance of it being ported into V7 ?

Hi -

That’s very unlikely. Basically, only regression and crash fixes are allowed into Rhino 7 at this point.

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RH-67405 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 17 Release Candidate