Annotation properties difficulties

I am finding the drop-down menus in the Annotation properties difficult to use.
It feels very crowded vertically. The More properties drop-down menu is hard to see because of the arrow indentation.
Sometimes when you click to open a menu, nothing much appears. For example:

The vertical spacing is tight. I think the display of the dimension takes up too much room. The extra room should be used for the More properties area. Perhaps the More properties menu could be expanded by default.

Here is my suggested rearrangement. The More properties box could expand downward.


Preventing the read only bottom part from taking too much space will be fixed soon:

I agree that the expander section looks a bit crowded. One thing that’s not obvious is that if you hover the mouse pointer just below the expander panel, below the horizontal scroll bar, the cursor changes to show a splitter and you can drag down to stretch the expander panel.

One argument in keeping the expander panel in it’s current location is that there’s kind of a logical grouping going on: all the properties from the top until the font toolbar are overridable and all the properties starting with the font toolbar down apply to the rich text string.

But of course there’s room for improvement and I can make changes many agree.

I tried to find a splitter before making the report, but could not. There is no location indicator and hovering my mouse did not work very well, the hotspot for the splitter is not very strong, apparently.

I don’t mind having the More properties at the bottom since theoretically, they won’t be used as often, otherwise, why would we tuck them up in the first place. It isn’t significant to me that the top settings apply to overrides and the bottom settings apply to the text. As a user, they are all just setting to me.

Make the splitter more obvious. And make it sticky. Get rid of the horizontal line between the Font section and the special text boxes, and get rid of the vertical line after the Underline button.

And the expander section is still fugly.

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