Annotation problem

Hello, I have a little problem when I create plan views.
Annotation texts and sections are empty, hatching no longer appears while with labels it works.

another question, can we link a label with one of the characteristics of an element (like its height for example) on Visual Arq or do we have to go through Grasshopper.

Hi @Rabet_Florentin,

This is a known issue, that we are pending to fix. As an alternative you can try to print the plan view directly from the 3D model (using the Hidden display mode), instead of using the vaPlanView command. Is that an option for you?

If the Element has been created as a Grasshopper style and has a parameter called “height”, you can display that parameter in a tag by using the following syntax inside the tag “contents”: %<element.parameters[“height”]>%.

See another example below:
TV Tag

not really for printing.

but thanks anyway