Annotation line how to draw without it getting used for cutting?

I am sending objects which are just borders and with dimensions and notes added using tools under the Dimensions tab, as dxf . They all reside in Top view and are all planar.

I need however to add some lines in to assist a few dimensions. I have used line tool and placed them onto the dimensions layer.

I hope he turns off that layer and cuts the objects without those lines. I have said about this in instructions.

Is there a way of drawing a line and have it act as a dimension ?


Hi Steve, here is one method for placing your dims (or text) in 3D.

Draw temp line between the 2 points (create a layer for these lines if req’d);
CPlane using the Object option and apply to the temp line;
Make current your dim layer;
Use DimAligned set to the temp line end points;
Delete temp line;
CPlane previous.


Here is the sort of thing I wanted just a line for.
I suppose I could create a leader arrow and make arrow extremely small and add no text.
I do find myself needing just to draw lines on my ‘green’ layer that I use for dims, and worrying about if the recipient machine will interpret them as an object etc.

I wish the annotation choice had such a command, and someone would see the need for it, I find myself needing to relate dims to features and extending a dim line using control points is not suitable. I need to draw a non cutting , non object type line.


What if you create a separate dimstyle for these lines, where the text height and arrow size is very small and the extension lines are suppressed - still may have to use a temp line to set the dim up in some cases.

Edit - DimRotated may be of use in this instance, although it would give the offset measurement as opposed to the orthogonal distance.

Hi Brian,
Its a workaround but not, as it would display a figure, I need a line without any figure., unless I make the text height 0.00001mm !
We need an extra dim command, one that just draws lines !

Is there a way to convert a line to a dimension ?


If you rotate your geometry such that the gap is aligned with either x or y axis, you can place a dim and then rotate things back to where they were. That or temporarily put a CPlane in that direction.

I had gotten the feeling this should be possible with DimAligned - but it is not. I’m not sure how that would work anyway…

Hi, It is the fact though that I find myself needing to draw lines that are non cutting, as dim annotations are.
If I were hand drawing a plan I use green fine point marker for dims and black for structure, not every green line I draw is for numbers or angles, yet in Rhino there is no dim line. I also need it pecked (dashed) occasionally.

rotating drawing then drawing then rotating back again to draw a simple green line…

I just wish we had DimLine command


How would that line be different from other lines?

That method isn’t very efficient anyway and you can only snap to the end-pts if it’s a dimension, whereas I see you trying for an intersect in the screenshot.

Have you considered simply using your layers to guide the cnc operator. I often send files for cutting with extra ‘no-cut’ bits and pieces.


Wim. I currently draw a line and place it onto my green dims layer, it will allow cutting unless operator disables that layer.

you can only snap to the end-pts if it’s a dimension, whereas I see you trying for an intersect in the screenshot.

Quite right, one cant snap part way along a Dim Line, so I would be wishing for DimLine to be snappable to yet non cutting !

Is naming layer NoCut - actually going to tell machine not to cut or is it down to the operator to ensure that layer doesnt get used for cutting.
All this stems from an operator who just sends things through and trusts non cutting to be created with annotations dimensions commands etc.


Send the guy a .pdf with dimensions and whatever else you need to illustrate what you want and how; plus a .dxf which is the cutting file that has nothing in it that you do not want cut… only lines/curves; no dimensions, guides or anything else.


I’ve used many CNC systems and software, and there is NO standard for non-cut entities. The best thing to do is what Mitch just mentioned.

without a pdf driver just now I had to do it that way. Until I suss a suitable alternative to Adobe which is adware spamware etc free and rock stable. Mitch mentioned one and I need to revisit that thread and try it. Just rebuilt Pc backwards in time by 5 months so very cautious of unsettling it as something nuked my sound card functions, disabled Msoft updates and all is well so far ! Someone took almost all the ladders off my game of snakes and ladders this last few months.