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I am annotating black and white drawings for the patent office. They require clean numbers and letters without any special fonts, added circles, colors. When I used the DRAFTING tools, and place into perspective, the orientation of the numbers is dependent on the view, and shifts as I more the perspective. So, I use the Annotate Dot. This solves the orientation problem.

Problem is that I can not format the dot independent from the layer. So, I created an annotation layer for each layer that I plan to print for the patent office, and then adjusted the annotation layer to white. This works.

But, I still cannot eliminate the circle/oval frame that surrounds the number. How do I eliminate this frame.

Is there a better way to create non-orientation dependent annotation? Or is Anno Dot the only method.

I have Rhino 5 for Windows.

Hi - if I understand this correctly, you need the annotation text to be oriented to the camera at all times. In the annotation style that you use, you can set the text alignment to be horizontal to view:
Does that help? If not, please provide a file and a picture of what you are trying to achieve.

Hi, thank you for your response.
I am choosing the menu item DIMENSION -> ANNOTATION DOT. I cannot find the screen that you show.
I need the text/number to show parallel to my view (and the view that I will print out), regardless of how I orient the Perspective objects. So, if I change the object orientation with my mouse, the annotation stays the same.

And… I must remove that thin black oval frame that surrounds my number; in this case “441.”

Also, note my LAYERS include a layer for annotating the “Bottom” layer. This is white so the dot is white background.

this is what @wim is pointing out.
the configuration of the dimension style.

Thank you for your reply.
The dimension properties seem to pertain to dimensions only. In the drawing below, I show the dimension 59.17 properly oriented as you suggest. But, you will note that the text is not affected.

The question is whether there is an option that lets me create text that remains oriented parallel to the view plane regardless of object orientation; similar to that of the numerical dimension function.

yes, it seems that only rhino 6 has the option to apply Horizontal to view to text. while Rhino 5 only to dimensions.

The work-around for V5 would be to establish the viewing angle needed for the final print, move the viewport Cplane to be normal to the view, and create the text.

Or upgrade to V6.

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A more dynamic work-around would be to create a leader and set the text gap to your liking, the leader arrow to a very small dot, and place the leader points on top of each other - as in the attached file.
Face-Camera-Annotation_RH5.3dm (57.7 KB)

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I will try these fixes tomorrow and report. Thanks.


SET C-PLANE TO VIEW > typed in text> and then printed. But, if I need to shift the orientation of the perspective, I would need to reenter the text each time. I guess Rhino 6 offers a more dynamic response but, this is sufficient for now.

Thank you for your help!

You should really try Wim’s solution.

Hi Wim ,

I am driven by same need since i am working on a patent too …annotation dot is the ideal way to go , it works very well for patent wrting being it always normal to the view but especially having font always with the same dimension with no dependency on the zoon factor.
The problem within the annotation dot is that ovals cannot be removed. I think there should be a option to activate or deactivate the oval since this would open the possibility to use rhino capabilities with the pen view mode and it’d turn it to a very powerful tool for patent writing.
would you please consider to add the possibility to deactivate the oval ?

thank , KR


hi , any chance to see the option " remove oval " in some future release ?
its much quicker and user friendly than using layout and so on

thanks , KR


Wim already gave you the solution.

EDIT: Oh, you’re on R5… Then you can only use leader sensibly.

HI Asterisk and thanks

this solution is useful in order to solve the orientation
what i am asking for is a way to turn off oval when using annotation dot
this would speed up image generation



Isn’t annotation dot without oval a simple text?

Why won’t you create your views in layouts and notate it with text in paper space?
Granted it’s a bit more work, but on the plus side your model space is cleaner.

not really the same according to my test, meaning that annotation dot is much more dynamic and it keep always the same dimension within respect to the screen when zooming on any of the working views.

On the other side with text block on any of the working view i am not able to maintain the same dimension for the font within respect to the screen. some post are reporting this can be achieve by using layout views but i am not able to obtain same behavior even when flagging “enable layout spacing scaling”

i am probably not using text block at its best but 1 thing is for sure …having a chance to turn off the oval would solve all of the issue and would speed up the image process a lot.

at end i decided to save just the images form rhino and to add the numbers in power point in order to have a better control of the font dimensions

Layout/model space works like this: Basically you keep both activated all times.

Layout space scaling makes text and dimensions you create in model space that are included in a detail the same size (real size) independent of the detail scale.
So best is to start changing sizes with one detail that has some text (from model space)
Once this looks good in layout space you can then switch to model space and adjust the model space scale to make it look good in model space as well.

There’s no way to turn off oval on native Dot object. So, forget it and find a workaround, 'cause there’s plenty. Leaders with 0 lengths arrows, layouts and text, w/e else we couldn’t think of.

Layouts.pdf (664.7 KB)