Animation with Grasshopper / Vray

Hey Guys,

iam quite new to work with grasshopper, but im trying to make a simple animation.
i want to render it directly in vray, but im not getting far with the new plugin.
i need a couch to assemble itself, but only with the parts going down. i can manage to do it with the timeline from vray with one part easily. i want them to assemble one AFTER another, so for example the seat comes down from frame 1-24 and then the pole from frame 24-48 and so on. maybe somebody can give me a hint, i would be very grateful!!!
cheers, Felix
Screenshot (77)|690x388

Hey !

I don’t know the plugin, but I’m playing a bit with animations.
Here is a very small introduction with example definition I posted a few time ago…
So you would need to separate the frame sets into domaine, and make the time line go through all of them (?) and what goes out of each is a vector (for each pieces).
I don’t know if it’s possible because I don’t know the vRay plugin, but might worth a try :slight_smile:

By the way, is the plugin good? We don’t ear much of it, but judging but your screen shot, it looks nice ! Do you have a video example you’d like to share? (result) That would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

I would make a grasshopper script for the animation, and then render following this workflow, you can set frame number as you like:

hey guys, thank you for the answers and tips! i think i have managed and will show you how when its done!! thanks a lot!