Animation tools

Is there a way to save an animation with a name to retrieve it later. I’m using the animation tools to create several path animations. I’m asked for the animation name and I create several animations. However, when it comes time to preview or render, I can’t seem to be able to retrieve the named animations. Unless I render immediately after creating it gets lost and ‘overwritten’ by the last one. It would be very useful to be able to retrieve the previously setup animations from a list.
Funny enough, there is a series of undocumented commands from vray : visanisetup, visanirender, etc and a ‘visanirestorefromlist’ which does exactly what I want. The scripts have obviously taken code from each other i.e. the dialog that pops up when setting up an animation is identical.
I can use this commands instead regardless of using vray or not for rendering but unfortunately, there is no option to pick up a point as camera path, only a curve and I’m trying to create an animation of what an observer sees as he swings his head around.
So, my question again, can I retrieve a named animation?

Hi Juan- I do not think there is a way to do this. I will add it to the wish pile- thanks.


The new Bongo 2 allows for multiple animations. It’s not free, but it works great inside of Rhino. It’s totally worth it for me to avoid exporting animations in other programs like Studio MAX.

Hi @juancarreras , all- here are some questions from the developer , (@rajaa) , - any feedback you have is welcome (note this it not for Bongo but the built-in Rhino animation tools)

“Do you expect to be able to save the list of animations in one session or across sessions?
So if you close, then open that file, do you expect to be able to retrieve the animation list?”



Only an idea - if you animate an object and copy&paste it to an other file, isn’t the animation data not copied too?

An other helpful trick could be - often I animate helper objects for example a simple cube and later I set the needed objects as child of this helper object. The helper object is set to an own layer and visibility is turned off.

So my hope is you copy animated helper objects to other files and there you use Bongo “select child” function … .

Hi Micha,
With Rhino AnimationTools you do not usually animate an object. You have a variety of ways to set a path animation or day or seasonal animations of your scene. No animation dat is saved to any particular object in this case.

Hey guys,
By chance, is there a plugin (or improvement in Rhino 6) which gives more control over animation?

I’m looking for things like changing focal length during single animation or real-time playback which would let me see the animation in real time before actual render…

Thanks for any feedback, I’ve tried to render an animation recently for the first time and it was a smooth experience, however I’m afraid it might soon become insufficient for more advanced clips.


I think the basic animation tools will remain unchanged for V6.
Have you looked at Bongo, the keyframe animation tool for Rhino 5 for Windows?
After V6 is released, development for Bongo will start up again and my guess is there will be additional enhancements.