Animation timing not working


I’ve noticed on two machines today, trying to render out a little animation with Neon, that depending seemingly on focus or something, the “wait X seconds” to capture a frame doesn’t necessarily work, it actually waits until Neon is done…or doesn’t wait at all.

(Andrew le Bihan) #2


Yes - I understand why this happens now. I have a new version of Neon waiting to come out that should fix this. Hopefully I get it to you soon - but it depends a little bit on Caustic.

  • Andy


Since this is known, is there any known way in the meantime to get it to act a little more consistently? Deadlines approaching rapidly.

(Marika Almgren) #4


Please download and try this version of Neon, it has the fix in it:


Hi Marika,

I’m getting some strange clipping with that version, my view is partially black…yeah I tried opening several files and starting from scratch and there’s some sort of clipping going on, it’s unusable.

(Andrew le Bihan) #6

Can you send a screen capture?


Just sent you directly.