Animation Sets does not work properly?

Hello, I have just noticed, when trying to do as it says in Bongo Help : “If you want animation Set 2 to start where animation Set 1 finished, the timeline slider must be set to the last tick when creating animation Set 2”, all objects in Set2 appear on their initional position (tick 0 of Set 1)! Nor does it work with other ticks from the middle. Furthermore, if I duplicate animation set and change animation in duplicate, it affects the original!
Please help me to understand what is going on since I really need to preserve the continuity of animation sets and worried about animation safety in general. (working with Bongo RC 1, 64bit).

The help file in the RC is not up to date.
At the start of every new set the object should go back to the original position.

I’m not able to reproduce the problem with the duplicate animation set affecting the original. Can you please send an example model with steps on how to reproduce the problem?

In every model I try, including sample IK models:

I open Animation Sets…
Default-> Duplicate
Pick Default-Copy->Set current
In Animation Manager for “Default-Copy” I select object-> right click-> Remove animation
Switch back to Default via Animation Sets…
Object in Default set has also gone!

BUT! Adding objects to duplicate set does not affect original.

Remove animation, seems to remove all animation data from that object for all sets. No matter if the set is duplicated or new. This is a bug and we’ll get it fixed.

Understood, Marika, thanks for your time!

P.S. Still wish to have this feature about starting animation set from the end of another alive. Seems handy for making prolonged videos.