Animation saving


I am trying to set up few animations. When i define animation it asks for number of frames with other things + name of the animation.

Where are the animations saved? I can not see anything like “namedanimations” anywhere.

I want to prepare many animations in one scene hopefully its savable somehow.


Hi @Juan_Gallo
If you are no talking Rhino without Bongo, I don’t think it’s possible. Only a single animation pr. file. Those build-in animation tools aren’t really worth much, except for quick previews. If you need more advanced animation tools, take a look at - or just save out named/numbered versions of your file for each animation.
HTH, Jakob

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I dont need anything advanced just save definitions for my animation paths and restore it. whats the point of naming the animation when its not restorable :smiley: ?

My guess is, it’s the name given to the rendered frames, when rendering/grabbing the frames. The animation tools really are from another era… and honestly, in dire need of a refresh!


yes i dont expect anything super sophisticated just a set of basic and effective tools. maybe having namedanimations would suffice. mcneel how bout include in 8wip?

If you are feeling adventurous, you can always use Grasshopper for animations. There are several ways of going about it. If you want to render I can recommend using V-Ray, which has a Grasshopper plugin and is specifically designed to also handle animations. There you could always save your different animations as different Grasshopper files and be able to recall them that way.

I can help you with a simple setup to get you started if it interests you and if you let us know a bit more specifically what you are trying to animate and what the outcome you are after looks like.