Animation menu is in the window of vray5 for rhino(doesn't work)

When we click the render in rhino animation button, while the sun export animation is done before and also the animation menu is in the window of the Windows vray menu, no rendering is done and the Rhino hangs. Please check this bug. The same file in the previous version( vray next4.03 and vray 500b2_beta)OK It was and there was no problem
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the bug was reported and fixed on 22nd last month. Unfortunately there is no workaround and you will need to revert to 5.00.01 (the bug was introduced in 5.00.02).

If that is not possible, or that is a super critical feature for you, please let me know, so I can try to arrange something


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When do you think the new version of vray 5.00. 03 will be released? This bug has also been fixed

Hi, I’m not allowed to disclose release dates, but I can hint that it would be very soon. Certainly not months

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Hi @Nikolay
Has this bug been fixed in the new version 5.10.1? Looks like it hasn’t been fixed yet? I tested