Animation in rhino just like blender

Hi there
I’m using rhino and grasshopper for two years now and since I use most of 3d softwares rhino is my favorite but definitely not in rendering options i have such as unwrapping and animation so I export my files to blender but now I don’t have this sweet and awesome works I can do with grasshopper and it’s holding me back and I’m frustrated that I learned rhino grasshopper
Is there a solution to my problem? That I can render with quality that I have in blender
Please help me
Thank you in advance for your precious time

Well, there’s an add-on package called Bongo, which I think does IK, and whatnot. Though, much of Blender is devoted to animation, and over meshes, so Bongo might not have all the features.

Though, again, I was able to use it for an accident scene recreation.

I have also experimented with Animation Controller, a toolkit of Grasshopper animation widgets.

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Thanks a lot you are so kind

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And another thing
Can you show me a good setup for exporting obj out of rhino?

You might find this thread interesting. Your problem is a very common one: Blender inside Rhino?


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I don’t understand how those settings work and I often end up having very heavy meshes

I saw that topic and they didn’t offer solution and they just ignore the biggest problem here
I mean grasshopper is the most powerful of them all and if it had an animator plugin or something then we didn’t really need to learn any other software for VFx or animation for example
And this single thread crashy thing about rhino… It mess with my head
I just used blender geometry node and I felt very sad because we do it so much better in grasshopper even better than Houdini but we don’t have good rendering unwrapping and animation tools we need to present our work

I am sorry, but I have only did a few .obj exports.

For STL, it depends on the receiver. They usually work well, given the complexity. The key factor is the distance from edge, likely during the discretization. (I hardly ever get to use that word : )

[For STP, the default Automotive settings work well.]

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Thanks a lot I think you actually did give the key I wanted :pray::pray::pray: