Animation Icon not working...?

I’m trying to make an animation for the first time using Rhino (v4, Educational, running in Windows), but when I click the animation icon, nothing happens and I can’t figure out why…is there some additional program/ plug-in/ something I need to get it to work?

I’ve basically taught myself everything I’ve needed to know along the way, so I don’t have a very extensive knowledge of the program. I can’t find any information suggesting I need anything additional, but I can’t find any other reason it won’t work. Also seems weird that nothing happens when I click the icon - no error message or anything.


Hi Beth,

I do not have V4 running at the moment, but what happens when you hold the button down
as to open the linked toolbar? Does a toolbar popup with various animation buttons?

As a test can you type SetTurntableAnimation at the commandline and press enter?
Does that show a dialog?


When I hold down the button, still nothing happens. Just as a test I right clicked also, and nothing happens (not sure if that would do anything…), and to make sure it wasn’t me - all the other icons are working fine. When I type in SetTurntableAnimation it brings up a series of commands in the commandline (Number of Frames, Direction, etc), but no dialog box.

If there is a work around, I’m trying to do a walk-through animation. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

Hi Beth- I am not sure where this is breaking down but the process is, first you set up an animation of what ever type- there are buttons in the flyout for each type- I mean below the left most button in the three button animation toolbar. Then, once set up, you can click the red record button, to launch that process for the animation that has been set up last- does that make sense with what you see?


Pascal - I am unable to access those buttons. Clicking/holding down the icon for “Animation Tools” on the toolbar does nothing (looks like a film strip, next to the rendering icons) I am able to type the commands for the different types of animations into the commandline (SetTurntableAnimation, SetFlythroughAnimation, etc) and set up the animation, then PlayAnimation to view it - but since I cannot get to those animation tools through the icon, I am unable to record, etc. (Unless there is another way to do it)

Basically…I understand the process and how it should work, I just don’t get a flyout (or anything) from the animation icon in the toolbar.

Hi Sara -OK. For now, the RecordAnimation command will substitute for the button. To reattach the animation flyouts to the film strip button next to the render icons, Shift-Right click on that button and in the control, find Linked Toolbar and in that dropdown, find Animation. Any luck?


Pascal - (not Sara, it’s Beth…) When I Shift-Right click on that button, and go to Linked Toolbar - there is no Animation! I had previously tried to use the Tools>Toolbar Layout to turn on the Animation toolbar and it wasn’t there either. Interesting…any thoughts?

RecordAnimation may be doing what it’s supposed to - but I just end up with however many jpgs of the frames, and a link to it, but I can’t seem to save the animation.

Thanks for all your help!

Maybe it’s because of the high temperature of GPU memory and its usage that the program doesn’t let you start the animation. So try again later when the system calms down.