Animation HTML not playing

Hello, I have been recording some animations today. No issues with setting Path Animation and running the Preview. Then I press Record and then Esc to finish it.
When I go to the Animation Folder and File, I find only a HTML document.
1st Question: Don’t we get a series of pics anymore?
2nd Question: The HTML file shows that it is 5KB. When I click to open it, I am directed to the Browser (have tried both Avast and Chrome) where I can see the name of the file and controls such as “play” etc. But none of these function. In brief, I don’t see that animation anywhere.
What am I missing? Thank you

I just exported my first animation, and the HTML is a bit of a hot mess of deprecated code (FONT tags?) and malformed syntax in places (there’s a line of code that has an extra quotation mark), leading to the JavaScript not running.

I was able to go in and manually edit the code to make it work, but whatever script is generating that HTML needs a bit of an overhaul.