Animation-friendly meshes and SubDs for algorithmic animation exporting (vertex-keyframe)

Right now there seems no handy way (or no at all?) to create animations in Gh to be used in, say Unreal Engine game.
I mean animations where each frame is created by recomputing algorithm (changing parameters). Those would potentially have different topologies, so I think they won’t work for that.

So here is my feature idea for Quad- and Tri- remesh which would make it possible:
split main input (source geometry) to 2:
1st - source geometry (brep\mesh\subd\nurbs surface(s))
2nd - source geometry, used only for topology deciding (optional, if not used - “source geometry” input is used for this purpose which would give the same result as it works right now)

So for animation you would use one geometry (from one frame) for deciding topology and all for generating remeshed geometry, with same topology