Animation changes while using different computers

I finished editing the animation in my laptop and tried to render it in a PC, but it turns out some crucial viewpoints change. I checked the basic setting, the keyframes and the constraints, and everything is the same as it is in my laptop. I tried to save the file and reopen it in my laptop, and the animation remains normal. I am wondering if I missed some of the settings in the PC or what to do to correct the shifting of the camera. Thanks!

Please make sure you have the same version of Bongo installed on both machines. You can check the version date by typing in: BongoAbout on the command line.
For example in Bongo 2.0 Service Release 4 we fixed a problem with view animation, so if you’re using SR3 on the PC and and SR 4 on the Laptop the animation might look different because of the bug.

I couldn’t find which release versions they are from BongoAbout. It only shows that it is the Bongo 2.0 version. Any other way to check that? Many thanks!

The splash screen shows a date, if you have the same date on both machines you have the same version.

Just updated to the latest version, and it works! Many thanks!