Animating transparency

I tried to animate transparency by modifying Vray’s material (my materials are vray materials). While making a tick on the timeline, it did not appear to make a difference in the animation. Has anyone else tried this and could tell me if trying to do this is in vain?

Could vray also extrapolate the colors if the material is modified in other ways? (side question and only asked out of curiosity)

I don’t have a good grasp of animation plugins in general and can’t imagine how bongo would accomplish this.

In Bongo animate materials is only supported by renderers that support the RDK (Rhinos Render Development Kit) in other words the inbuilt Material Editor stuff in Rhino. V-ray doesn’t support it at the moment so that’s why the material changes doesn’t animate if you’re using V-Ray.

Oh I see, thanks so much! This means that unless vray starts to support RR kit, bongo cannot access the material data used by vray and will not be able to in the future?

You can simulate a material fade from A to B by using this “post” processing method. You will need a video editing software / motion graphics app like Adobe After Effects.

  • Render both versions (either a still or video) from the exact same camera position (and same length if they are videos)
  • Import the two versions into the timeline and stack them vertically, so that they are the same/matching length.
  • You can now do an opacity fade from top layer to the bottom layer.

If you’re a subscriber, check out this video for a step-by-step. It’s part of the course called Animation with Rhino and Bongo. If you’re not a member, then here’s a link for 10-days free.

Thanks so much! I’m familiar with after effects and that sounds like a really good idea. I’ll try it and thanks so much for the link!