Animating a product

Hello, Is it possible to easily animate a product ( moving from spot A to B,…) in Rhino? if not, what’s your best recommendation? is there any other available software I can use?
Appreciate it! -k

Hi @kiaarjen27
Animating geometry in Rhino requires Bongo or the longer way 'round: Grasshopper. If you are not afriad to learn new software, open-source Blender is a great place to start - although the learning curve can be a bit steep :grimacing: On the other hand, there are TONS of great tutorials out there and it’s absolutely free to use for both private and commercial projects! There are of course other (paid) options (eg 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D, Enscape (for Archviz) and many, many more).
HTH, Jakob

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I’ll give Bongo a try soon. Hope its better and easier than cinema4d. I can’t befriend Blender :D. I don’t know why, yet. Appreciate your comment Jakob!