Animating a group is very slow

I have to animate a fairly heavy model. I animated 40 objects all at once by just moving them up. It worked by Rhino is now “very” sluggish. Does Bongo have a way to animate a null or some other way that makes the animation less sluggish? :confused:

I’m not sure what you mean by animating a null, can you elaborate?

As for the sluggishness it would be helpful if you shared the model so we can look at what’s causing it.

Thanks for the reply. A null is just a way to group something and it has specific point in the drawing. I just grouped items and that worked.
The file was imported so it is very heavy and that is the underlying issue.

It’d still be interesting to see the model from our end to see what we can do about slowness. We’re always looking to improve Bongo performance.

An alternative to grouping would be making a point object and then child all the objects to it. Here’s some more information on that

I guess Intuitionusa, you are looking for what is called “Use proxy for multiple object transforms”

When multiple objects are transformed in animate mode, they each receive their own pivot and transform around this. Using a proxy means a point object (a proxy point) is created and all of the to-be-transformed objects are linked as children to this object.

The keyframes to transform will then be applied to the proxy instead of the children.
So for short: the Proxy controls the other objects.
Proxy.3dm (115.1 KB)

There is a command “BongoPlaceProxyPoint” which places a proxy point object and then prompts to select it’s children.


PS when the group of objects needs to rotate some Hierarchical trickery is needed. If necessary, I can explain later.

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