Animated Pie Chart

Hi All,
I am trying to create a "reveal " of an object similar to an animated Clipping plane, but in the shape of a pie chart.
Any Ideas ?

Currently the only thing I can think of is to make half a pie, by having two clipping planes but that’s unfortunately all I can think off.

Hi Marika,
Yes, I initially tried two clipping planes, but the best I can get is 180 degrees.
I think I have a solution, I am going to “clone” my pie, and reveal the two halves one after the other.
Thanks again,

I’m not sure how it should be looking … a pie piece with animated size? I think per history some ways could be possible. For example per _flow (stretch enabled) allow to create this pie piece which can be adjusted per yellow line.


Also _arcblend can be history recorded and be used for the goal curve, if the goal curve is a arcblend between two lines, one animated around the center.


Hi Thanks,
That looks like it might work.

Not sure about bongo but with grasshopper I recall an approach with a round planar surface and you control the U or V around the centre & used as a surface trim. Not sure if that translates to anything useful in bongo.