Animated object flowing along a path?


a client like to get an animation of a watch, where the soft wristband should flow through the eyelet - like a snake is creeping. (sorry, I don’t how to better describe it)

Is this possible? Is there an easy method like “flow along curve”?


Try using Flow and history. If you morph the flow curve, the history should update the strap.

Tested it here - works great. :o)

Thank you,

PS: wish for Bongo 3.0 - flow along curve or surface as direct animated feature, for example for a bicycle chain. So it could be easier to avoid stretching the model and only bend it.

FlowAnimation.mp4 (150.0 KB)
I got it - I need to animate the position of the source curve and than the objects is flowing along the target curve like a snake. :o)

Edit: Not shown at the movie - I found I can create a block from parts of the source “snake” and this parts are not stretched during the flow. So I can animate the wristband so that the metall parts will not deformed.