Animated object flowing along a path?



a client like to get an animation of a watch, where the soft wristband should flow through the eyelet - like a snake is creeping. (sorry, I don’t how to better describe it)

Is this possible? Is there an easy method like “flow along curve”?


Extruding (flexible) pipe along a path
(Andrew le Bihan) #2

Try using Flow and history. If you morph the flow curve, the history should update the strap.


Tested it here - works great. :o)

Thank you,

PS: wish for Bongo 3.0 - flow along curve or surface as direct animated feature, for example for a bicycle chain. So it could be easier to avoid stretching the model and only bend it.


FlowAnimation.mp4 (150.0 KB)
I got it - I need to animate the position of the source curve and than the objects is flowing along the target curve like a snake. :o)

Edit: Not shown at the movie - I found I can create a block from parts of the source “snake” and this parts are not stretched during the flow. So I can animate the wristband so that the metall parts will not deformed.