Animate using deformation tools

I’m trying to animate an object using one of the deformation tools, “twist”, but with no success, is it possible to do it in Bongo 2.0?



I do not think so,

I saw a video you can do twisting using Kangaroo if you don’t mind using Grasshopper.

@DanielPiker should be able to help you, but you’ll have to provide some more information. Your question as it is, is quite generic.

Thank you Ivelin,

Yes, I just find out it’s not possible without the plugins.


@bevmo128 It’s possible, but not at the direct way. I tested it here:

  • convert the object to a dense mesh
  • turn on control points
  • move the time line slider to the needed position and enable animation at the time line
  • select control points and apply a twist

Now, I can move the slider and see the twist.

ONLY way I found to do it was using HISTORY.

No “plugins”, no insects, and no custom rewrites :

Actually, your example mimics my situation almost perfectly. What I did was make 2 4x-polygons (the one on the bottom was actually a rectangle … ) . I then TURNED ON “HISTORY”, made “Surfaces” inside the 2 using the “_PlanarSrf” command, then lofted the 2 closed polygons to form the sides. With HISTORY on, I BONGO-Rotated the upper square (NOT the SURFACE, the square “curve” ;=/ ! ), and everything followed correctly !

By the way, in that assembly, I also needed a hydraulic hose to stay connected as my cylinder swung on the bolt-axis at one end.
Here I used 2 circles, connected them with a centerline curve, using “sweep-1” , and made the circle representing the end of the hose connected to the base of the swiveling cylinder a hierarchy-daughter of the swiveling cylinder, careful to move the object-pivot of the circle (NOT the CIRCLE, just its PIVOT) to the pivot-center (mounting bolt) of the pivoting hydraulic cylinder, and align the rotate axis of BOTH the hydraulic cylinder AND the circle-pivot axis along the pivot-bolt centerline. I moved the pivot of the swiveling cylinder to the same point, aligned the pivot-axis the same way, (remember the circle we just moved the pivot of is a daughter of the cylinder AND a HISTORY-connected end of the hose.

When I animated the pivoting cylinder, the circle followed, and with HISTORY, the hose connected to the circle re-calced to follow. I had to set the frame delay to 2 seconds to let BONGO “catch up” but no loss, as later I ran the animation using NEON with STUNNING (!) results - (discussed below … ) . Looked like a hydraulic hose connected to the end of a pivoting hydraulic cylinder ! Pretty COOL ! It wasn’t “Physics”-accurate, but it helped sell the project ($$), as it was accurate enough to convey the intent ! AND - PLUS-point: With NEON turned on, and with less than 30-seconds per rendered frame (set stop-time for NEON to 30-seconds and frame-delay in BONGO to 32 seconds - an extra second for good measure ;=) ! ) and I had a 90-second at 25 FPS GORGEOUS ANIMATION ready a couple of hours later !

I hear that with NEON’s R-6 replacement “Raytraced”, I can have a nice result of the very same thing ready by THURSDAY instead of right after lunch … if I’m willing to accept the noise in the resulting animation, but I hear there’s a bug-fix setting I could try out if I can live with waiting 'til Thursday … :=( !

I can help with details if needed, but I tried giving enuff clues to get you going. Try these out, and see if they help ? Good luck,and post back with results ? Thanks !

AND - All the VERY best to you and yours - from Texas - Chuck.