Animate Slider slowdown on Mac

I think there must be some kind of memory leak or other issue with the animate slider functionality on mac grasshopper – an operation involving almost no computation (my slider just picks items from a list to display) has ground to an almost complete halt while animating. My whole system is unresponsive while it inches forward frame by frame. You can see how it was cruising right along until the end when it was several minutes per frame.

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Yikes. That one was easy, but brutal, to reproduce:

RH-57982 Grasshopper: Animation of slider causes lockup after high number of frames

My system locked up after about 894 frames. It was sudden too. Like you said: it cooks along…until it doesn’t. I had to Force Quit Rhino, which was harder than it sounds given the symptom.

Thanks for reporting this.

This issue should be fixed in the latest Rhino 6 for Mac Service Release Candidate. Thanks again for reporting this!

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RH-57982 is fixed in the latest Service Release
@dan bozo detected this issue this time, so I think INF-259 is working!