Animate Slider in High Resolution

Hi there,

I am currently making a few animated diagrams using Grasshopper’s animate slider function but its output is often at a very low resolution. Upping the ‘resolution’ within the tab doesn’t actually increase the resolution it merely enlarges the window size so the contents get smaller and smaller.

Can anyone help or suggest a work-around?

Thanks heaps!

What version of Rhino are you running? Geometry will get drawn relatively ‘thinner’, as the resolution will not affect things like line-thickness or point-size, but it should yield the same camera projection. Here’s a small test I just did, first frame is from an animation which was rendered to 800x800 pixels and the second 2000x2000 pixels:

You can see that the grid and axes are thinner, the arrows symbols are smaller, but the projection is the same. Are you seeing a different effect?