Angular Dimensions Not Showing Up

I have been running into a lot of annotation styles issues. One I have been having repeatedly is angular dimensions not showing up. In the attached I have two lines. I did DImAngle and the arc shows but no dimension.

Problem Angular Dimensions.3dm (3.0 MB)

opening the file in rhino for windows shows the text ok but the arrows are way too small. maybe the text too in your case?

The text is set for 6" which appears to be your size. Oddly, the font in the style is set to Century Schoolbook that is available on Windoze and your image shows helvetica/arial.

This image shows what is happening on my system consistently reproducible:

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 9.56.02 PM

I get A LOT of style funkiness that I will try to track down. This includes:

  1. Selecting a different STYLE for a dimension on the properties panel drop down and the style name does not change.

  2. Changing the style for a dimension and the dimension stays the same and does not update to the new style.

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Here example of the craziness that occurs consistently (on my machine at least)

  1. Create a new blank document using a default inches template
  2. Draw two connected line segments.

  1. Change the Angular Units to D-M-S in the properties panel (as opposed to redefining the style as in the previous post.

(No change to the dimension)

  1. Change the Angular Units to Radians.

(Dimension changes)

  1. Change the Angular Units to DMS.

(No change to dimensions.)

I don’t know if something has gotten corrupted on my machine or this is a general problem. I would like to know how to get out of this mess.

Thanks, I see this -

RH-57765 DegreeMinutesSeconds ignored


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Am I reading the link correctly that this will not be fixed until V7?

that is how the mac things work. i once found a bug in rhino 5 for mac and brought it to notice here, not sure anymore what, something with loft i guess. it got fixed for windows right away since the same bug was apparent there either. but the release for the mac fix was set to version 6 which was then released almost a year from then, not sure it ever got fixed though. of course then mac and windows where even farther apart than now, still that was pretty disappointing.

Hi - that’s not the way I’m reading that, no.
The fix was introduced in 6.x on April 8th, which, at that point, was 6.26.
You can now download a 6.26 Service Release Candidate by changing your update settings in Rhino.

Thanks, I had just downloaded a new version and it was not there so I was wondering.