Angle display

Why is this displaying to 15 decimal places! Seems excessive.

Hi Dennis - see if you have testNumberFormat set for some reason - should be set to Pretty, and not Accurate.


It’s set to pretty.

Yeah, I see it too, actually - Gumball was recently updated to remember interactive angle and distance numbers - looks like that needs to payu attention to the file settings better. Thanks for pointing it out.

RH-65698 Gumball - extended format on stored distance values


Thanks Pascal. I can’t help but notice the unusual number of updates lately. What’s the deal?

Hi -

We’ve had weekly release candidate updates and monthly service releases since Rhino 6 was released. Nothing new there.

Maybe my settings have changed. What’s the difference between a service release and a service release candidate?



Hi Dennis -

New features and bug fixes are first available in the candidates.
The candidates haven’t been tested by as many users as the final service releases.

Updating to the latest service release candidate provides earlier access to bug fixes, etc than updating to service releases - but - with added risk of a new bug due to less testing. Service releases are always at least a week behind service release candidates and can be up to five or six weeks behind.

RH-65698 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 14