Angle dimension freezes and then closes Rhino 3.0

I am still using Rhino 3.0 purchased back in 2004. Now (nearly twenty years on) I have a computer running on Windows 10 and Rhino 3.0 is set to compatibility mode XP SR2. Remarkably Rhino 3.0 still runs very well in this setup except for one issue that I have found… which is that trying to use the angular dimension tool (DimAngle) causes Rhino to completely freeze for about one minuet and then shut down, during this time the mouse pointer still works and I can switch to other programs and use them normally. All the other dimension tools work normally and the Analyse angle tool (Angle) works fine, its just DimAngle that causes the crash. If I open an old drawing with existing angle dimensions they are displayed correctly, but I can’t add new angle dimensions. I have tried all the following with no success:
Changing to other compatibility modes
Changing display and Open GL settings
Changing dimension settings
Checking hard drive for errors
Uninstalling and reinstalling Rhino

Interestingly the problem randomly then went away for a few months and I was able to draw angle dimensions normally, but recently the issue as returned. This seems to suggest that it may have something to do with Windows updates? but I have no idea how to test for this.

I have definitely had my moneys worth from nineteen years of Rhino 3.0 so will probably upgrade to Rhino 7 soon, but am concerned that the problem may be something to do with the hardware setup of my computer rather than the software?

Advice would be much appreciated,
Thank you

It’s probably just…windows updates, limitations of compatibility mode?

What is your hardware? Are the drivers up to date?