Anemone loop variable value with scriptcontext sticky wrong alternating value

EDIT 2: I did the batch rendering with blender now, so this problem is no longer relevant to me.

I am currently trying to use an Anemone loop together with the scriptcontext.sticky dict.
I am using the sticky dict as a way to transport information between different gh python components as I want to decide when the loop variable increments - when all the operations in between have finishehd.

Below is a simplified version of the problem.
The thing is that this leads to some unexpected output - it is not incrementing on every step.
Left GHPython: set sticky value
C#: expire right GHPython
Right GHPython load sticky value and increment (10.7 KB)

EDIT 1: In the attached file the data should stay constant at 31 as it’s just being loaded and unloaded. The panels say that it should increment, which is wrong.

What I actually try to achieve is to load files from a directory, one each time, bake them and take a screenshot. Here I have to make sure that the baked component already baked, before I can take the screenshot. The component itself doesn’t get expired automatically as it’s not aware of the rhino objects, so I additionally to the upper use case expire the screenshot component and load the filepath when the geometry is baked.

What can I do to avoid this problem?