Anemone Edge Bundling Grasshopper

Hi. GH newbie here.
I am trying to input points into an existing script for edge bundling that I found here: I have attached the original file to this thread.
However when I input my points it does not seem to work and ‘bundle’ (the points from the original file have an xyz co-ordinate, while the points I input are just referred to as ‘referenced points’). I am certain i am missing a few steps and would really appreciate if anyone could help me out. Thanks heaps!
2014_02_17-edgebundling.ghx (196.6 KB)

Hello @anniet9987,

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First of all, your points are missing in the file you uploaded. You get the most help around here, if you provide a file with your own data included.

That said, the example script is pretty straight forward!
You simply have to input points that are end points of strands, into the point component that says input points. The nr of iterations slider lets you predefine how many times the loop will run (influences performance). You simply run the loop by setting run the loop to True.

Your inputs points are not the points passed to the anemone start component at D0 though. You have to form the strands/edges first. This is done by passing your input points to the Con component (Delaunay Edges). It interconnects these end points to form a triangular line network.
The individual network lines are divided, meaning that an x-amount of division points (e.g. 6) are equally distributed on each line. These division points are then passed to the loop.
Inside the loop, these are the points that attract each other and thus are moved, forming the edge bundling. When they exist the loop at the end (D0), they are turned back into individual N.u.r.b.s. curves that represent your relaxed network.

I hope this helps! Since your new, don’t forget to check out the very helpful How to ask effective questions.

where is the file with your points?

Thank you for your response. I have attached the files below:
Edge-Bundling-Test-1.3dm (60.6 KB) (14.1 KB)
I am able to bundle these edges now but not when it is at a larger scale (beyond the XY grid on rhino). Is there any way to fix this?

At your scale, you might need more edge division (resolution slider) for the bundling to work. When the distance between the points is too large, they never meet, form no field, and nothing ultimately happens.

Another thing to consider are the charges of your division points, since they make up the field, and the field is where the bundling magic happens.
The charge is set at the C input of PCharge component. The dropdown menu simply outputs -1 for “Pull” and 1 for “Push”, which might be far too low charges at your scale. Simply multiply the output of the dropdown menu and see what happens. A bigger charge might be beneficial!

If you wonder, “Push” and “Pull” determine, if your points attract each other and edge bundling happens or, if they repulse each other.

the position of the points , even in the original file if you move the points the result change or disappear
scale your points and place them in the same position, and try to change the units without scale maybe that work