Anemone data collection error

Hello guys,

I am using an anemone script to try and stop calculations after a certain value in a list is crossed.

The script seems to work fine,
anemone normal
but most of the times, after i disconnect it and reconnect it I get an error “floating parameter could not collect data”. I tried recomputing it as well with no luck.

It also goes away when i reopen an old saved file without the error.

It might be something really obvious but I couldn’t figure out where i was going wrong.
Please find my definition attached.

Thanks in advance

anemone (8.4 KB)

Nvm, just had to double click the loop start component

What do you mean by “disconnect it and reconnect it”? Unable to see any error in Rhino 5. No need for all those Num params but they don’t cause any problem either, as far as I can see.

it only happened when i disconnected a wire that the error showed up. after reconnecting it the error persisted. it only went away after re-running the loop

this is all in rhino 6 WIP