Anchor points in Kangaroo: Frei Otto's Dance Pavilion

Hello, first and foremost, I’m totally new to GH. Thank you for all the support, guides, and tutorials I’ve seen in this community. They’ve been truly helpful and I really appreciate this forum as an amazing resource in learning.

I’m working on an assigment, and building a parametric model of Frei Otto’s Dance Pavilion. Photos attached.


Problem is, my code isn’t working as I intended. I’d like to take these main fabric points, as the mesh border, and push them with different strenghts toward the pointed points in the perimeter. When I do set up the anchors, however, I get something like this:

I’m aware there’s a problem in the yellow arrows, and how i’m pushing a point toward three directions at once, which must be the cause. I’ve been thinking of the solution but I unfortunately can’t think of one, so I could truly appreciate the help in solving this issue. Here’s my code, also attached below.

Thanks beforehand,

Frei Otto’s Dance (55.5 KB)

Hi Maya,

Were you ever able to get the model to work? I’m also analyzing the Dance Pavilion for my structures class, and was wondering if you would be able to share if you got it to work.


Here is how I would tackle it. (16.7 KB)


Hi! I actually got it working and did pretty well on the assignment. Here’s the code, and also what we worked on class. Instead of working towards a visually accurate representation, we worked on making the model parametric enough for a Wallacei optimization process with Karamba. Couldn’t upload the .gh for some weird error, but there it goes. (9.7 MB)

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Thank you for sharing!

I’m running this in Rh6, and I’m getting this error on the solver:

Any idea why it won’t work for me?

It is because I used the tri-remesher that comes only in R7. Here’s a version that should work, but you need weaverbird. (25.9 KB)


This is great! Thank you so much.

Here’s another version for comparison - maybe it’s helpful. (38.7 KB)


This is really awesome. Thank you for sharing!

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