Anchor corner CirclePacking

Everyone who knowns what is the problem of my circlepacking, when i gradually increase the radius until circles are packed,but solution exception occured.
This is my base img

this is my start state

increase the radius then like this

Anyone who can help me please, thanks!

This is my file (20.2 KB)

Hi @aaadam.x
Please post with the initial curve input internalised and the image file you are using and I’ll take a look.

Oh,thanks ,@DanielPiker I am sorry i forgot it ,this my file, image is the first image of my post (20.0 KB)

I’m not sure exactly what was going on here, but I removed the ImageCircles component from the canvas and replaced it with a new one from the toolbar and it all works:

circlepacking_anchor_onCurve (1).gh (21.8 KB)

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i have no problem with this effect, i just want the outside circles’s (the circle that i have anchored on the curve) center on the edges, like this

It looks like the problem was related to the scale.
Not sure exactly what was happening, and I’ll look into it, but scaling down solves it simply here
circlepacking_anchor_onCurve (1).gh (23.4 KB)

I also think it’s the problem of scale, now it’s ok, Thanks Daniel !