Anamorphic Distortion of 3D

Hello everyone,

I am a fashion designer who recently started working with rhino and I was hoping to find someone who’s got a solution for my problem/project.

I am working with anamorphic distortion of garments. What I’d like to know is, if there is a way to distort the garment from the avatars point of view, looking down at himself. So what I want to achieve is, that the garment does not look distorted from the avatar’s point of view, but from everyone else’s.
During my research I’ve only found tutorials for anamorphic distortions of 2D images or curves but not volumes.

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Hello - can you post an example image?


Hello, Pascal!

Of course, so here is a screenshot of the avatar wearing some textile. What I would love to know, if there’s an elegant way to anamorphically distort the volume of the textile according to the avatar’s point of view looking down at herself?

Any CAD program can do anamorphic distortion of a block representing the avatar - you define the block, and you insert it somewhere with different X,Y, and Z scales. Blocks are rigid, so they cannot be animated. If you want to animate your avatars, you need different program than Rhino. Maya is the best. Its avatars may be animated with OptiTrack. Cinema 4D, Carrara, iClone, Modo, and Blender (free) may be good enough.

Hello - thanks, I understand the concept - I’d like to see an example image that shows what you are trying to achieve.