Analyze Wall Profile Not Working

Hi everyone,

I have some walls and looks like I cant get the profiles of existing walls using Analyze Wall Profile. Eventhough i did the same thing recommended here, I just cant get it. Can anybody help me figure out my problem?

These are my walls.

As you can see, I got nothing.

This is the script.

Any help is welcomed!

looks like it needs a profile edit to return a profile…

expected behavior would return similar info from an unedited wall, so a minor bug it appears.

Using Host Faces you can get the exterior or interior profile of non-edited walls.

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hey @Rickson ,

The problem is eventhough i feed walls into wall input, it doesn’t output any curve. in your case looks like it does.

If the profile hasn’t been edited you won’t get a output from the wall profile component. Notice how my {0} branch is empty. Try to work with the Host Faces component.

I see. In order for Analyze Wall Profile to work, profile of the wall must be edited. I thought it also gives unedited wall profiles.

Thanks @Rickson

@Rickson @mucahitbgoker Would you rather get a rectangle on the walls that don’t have an edited profile instead?

Hey @eirannejad,

I think it would be nice. Even though getting it manually is not that hard, i though Analyze Wall Profile Component was doing that.

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