Analysis - Length/Ratio/Distance... nothing is displayed (Solved)

like mentioned before, I am new to Rhino 5 and I run it on Win 10.

Actually the title says it all… Rhino does not show me the result of the analysis, no matter if I ask for distance or length or something else out of this group. I experienced something similar back in the days using Rhino4 SR8 in school. But after restarting and rebuilding the line it worked again, not this time.

I implemented my old toolbar setups and settings in general. May it have something to do with this?

Thanks a lot.

How many lines of the command line are visible? If you hit F2 do you see the result in the command history? --Mitch

Hey, the command list shows the correct length… but it is not very practical to look in the command history every-time I measure something.

I run it in german but I guess you know what you are looking for:

Am Laden Rhino-Renderer, Version 1.50, Aug 10 2015, 15:15:17
Befehl: _Polyline
Startpunkt der Polylinie ( PermanentSchließen=Nein ):
Folgender Punkt der Polylinie ( PermanentSchließen=Nein Modus=Linie Helfer=Nein Rückgängig ):
Folgender Punkt der Polylinie. Eingabetaste drücken, wenn fertig ( PermanentSchließen=Nein Modus=Linie Helfer=Nein Länge Rückgängig ):
1 Kurve der Auswahl hinzugefügt.
Befehl: _Length
Länge = 37.436 Millimeter
Befehl: BefehlsVerlauf

The visible command line is empty all the time.


That’s odd… All you see is white space? (can you post a quick screnshot?)
There is a vertical scrollbar on the right end of the command line - can you scroll and see anything? Somehow sounds like the command line got scrolled up and refuses to scroll down again…


So maybe your toolbox showing the command line (Befehl) is only one line high?
Try making it bigger, 3 lines for example.

Haha, thanks guys. It was indeed just scrolled up… thanks a lot. Sometimes it’s that simple.

EDIT: I think this is because I had to adjust the icon size and stuff to make everything work properly on my Win 10/4k screen. I use a 4k Laptop and an additional widescreen with 1920x1080. Sometimes I just use the Laptop, using its screen, but in the office I use the widescreen as my master. Switching back and forth causes some trouble with the size of the icon and tool bars. Hope this helps.