Analysing objects for sizes

Hi all, I’m hoping for some help. I’ve had some long-term scripts that I need to update for extra functionaility, but it means taking a different approach.

See the attached image, which is a melamine kitchen cupboard, 16mm material made up of multiple solids.
The objects are grouped together.

What I need is to be able to analyse this group and determine it’s HEIGHT, WIDTH & DEPTH. Bounding box is close, but if the objects are at 45 degrees it doesn’t work and also bounding box won’t know the difference between WIDTH & DEPTH.

Hoping for some advice!



Hi Adrian,

For the issue with rotated furniture’s bounding box, you can create a box, by inputting a plane.
The plane would be found at any point of the lowest furniture brep face(s).
Width, depth, height would then be that box’s X, Y, Z interval’s lengths.

As for the issue with distinguishing the width-depth: I am not sure at the moment. Basically you just have to swap the X and Y axis of upper plane. The question is when. If I think of any workaround, I will post a reply.