Analysing a surface for holes & cutouts

Hi all,

I’d like to analyse a shape and identify some ‘shapes’ within it for CNC production. I want to find the shapes that are either rebates/pockets or holes to be drilled.

The border is easy enough using DupFaceBorder, and it even turns up the inner cutouts/holes. But I’m unsure how to find the depth of those holes cutouts. Does it go all the way through? 5mm deep? 12mm deep?

I wondered if there was a way to explode the surface and sift through uncapped cylinders, etc. but I’m sure there is a much more sophisticated way of doing it.

Using the attached as an example, I’d like to create 2D geometry where the end result layers would be as per the following.

Nice, you can check whether a surface area centroid of a brep surface whose area is similar to the boundaries is inside a boundary. (40.8 KB)

Awesome, thanks @martinsiegrist that is great!
I’ll take some time to get my head around what it is going on with it, it looks like a great launchpad to what I’m after. I may translate to Python, but the principles should be the same.

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